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We are a family business with experience that goes back to the early 90s , AHK Flooring is the ultimate UK flooring destination as we showcase a wide range of flooring solutions in laminate, vinyl, solid wood flooring, stair carpets and carpets in London. We are one of the best suppliers of west london carpets , wood flooring in London with stunning floor choices in hardwood, laminate, safety flooring and carpets; you’re guaranteed to find the perfect designs at the best prices.

There’s never been a better time to refresh your home with gorgeous new floors or freshen up a room with easy care carpet. Carpets have always been the most sought after choices amongst the others in UK flooring market. They not only very aesthetical in looks but also provide the warmth that suits the cold London weather. AHK FLOORING is one of the best carpet shops in London as we carry top quality name brands you know and trust that are all guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

We are also the leading suppliers for wooden flooring in London. Wooden flooring is one of the most natural and regal looking floors. We are not only suppliers but also installers of any flooring in Chelsea. Our expert team ensures that the flooring is installed properly with all the required under laying and hardboard works that is required for the perfect finish.

At AHK FLOORING many brands of flooring can be uniquely customized to suit your needs and budget – giving you more variety and choice than any other flooring store. Whether you’re updating a room or renovating your entire home, AHK FLOORING in London is the flooring store that makes buying flooring in Chelsea easy and hassle-free. Visit our carpet world in Fulham and choose from one of the best ranges of carpets and wooden flooring at highly competitive price.

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