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Sheet vinyl flooring is a practical, durable and often attractive choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and baths.
Do you want to give your kitchen and bathrooms a versatile look? Vinyl flooring is the option you should be looking for; we have numerous options available that gives your interior a versatile look at a fraction of price compared to other types of flooring. In the UK, vinyl flooring is a more preferred choice for inner rooms as compared to other flooring. AHK FLOORING stores exclusive flooring range and design of carpet or wood at Fulham and you can choose the best suits your life style. We also offer Vinyl flooring sheet that is a durable, attractive and an inexpensive choice preferred for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and baths.

AHK FLOORING at Chelsea are specialist and stores extensive range of vinyl flooring in London, and it is the type of floor that is considered by most of the people. Bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and due to so much of wear and tear it tends to become worn out soon, hence it needs more attention. Trend in the UK flooring changes often, AHK FLOORING at Chelsea provides numerous designs with better look thus making it a preferred choice.

In an increasingly cuisine crazy world, kitchen is becoming a hub of many homes so carpet or wooden base might not be able to tolerate such a frequent rough use. Whether it’s a mess or dirt your children bring in, food spillage or washing up splashes, vinyl flooring at our Chelsea store always gives you a safe option. At AHK FLOORING, we store wide range of vinyl base sheets with much better look that matches your kitchen furniture in style. If you are on a lookout to give classic wood pattern look, our store at Fulham offers floor tiles in exclusive design ranges that look excellent as it appears like a genuine wood floor.

When the usage of the vinyl or carpet flooring is very high then the usage of the vinyl protector or carpet protector for respective base becomes imperative to ensure the floor’s long life. Floor is made to be stepped and walked upon, and carpet protector ensures the life of the floor lasts long. Vinyl base is certainly one of the best options adding a great design touch to any room.

AHK FLOORING provides all kinds of flooring solution within your budget range and adds style to your living areas. Anyone on a lookout for that perfect base for their home may opt for vinyl tiles flooring at Chelsea as it proves to sound cheap as compared to other options.

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