Current T&Cs

*Title to The Goods shall remain the property of AHK FLOORING until the Job balance is paid in full even if the goods have been fitted. We have the right to take our goods back if the full balance (including Fitters Charges ” assigned or recommended by AHK FLOORING”) hasn’t been paid.

*During the process of installation of carpets or flooring, metal tools are used especially with carpets when they are been tucked against the skirting boards or during fitting runners, paint or decoration retouching by the customer, is advised, or might be required, after a job is finished. WE DO NOT take any responsibility of any repainting or redecorating resulting from us supplying installation.

*Whether its flooring, carpets, or vinyl. fitters or delivery personnel might have to handle heavy products and equipment. We do not take any responsibility of any damages that might result from this process. We recommend booking a job when the room/s to be done are empty of furniture. Any existing furniture/appliances are to be fully removed or protected by the customer. If that is not possible, we can arrange to move furniture but we don’t take responsibility for any accidents that might happen. we do on the other hand make sure to be extremely careful.

*Whilst installing carpets / flooring We might need to trim Doors/kitchen units to match the new floor level, this is not included in our quotation unless its mentioned. we do not take any responsibility for redecorating any trimmed object.

*Any Services or products that are not mentioned in our quotations are not included.

*Due to the variations in both the colour & grain characteristics that occur in all wood flooring, we recommend that customers check the product prior to fitting. AHK FLOORING cannot accept claims in this regard once the product has been installed or delivered.

*Floor or Carpets from different batches and or lines of production might result in colour variations especially when buying natural products like wool, sisal, Wood. AHK FLOORING cannot accept claims in this regard.

*Any Carpet Or Floor (laminate / wood/ vinyl) samples might show variations from what the product might look like when it is actually fitted this is due to the small size of the flooring sample that is not big enough to show the actual flooring look, customers are advised to also check if there are images available to reflect the product fitted in an full size room . AHK flooring does not accept any claims regarding this issue.  

You can ask our Team For T&Cs Regarding Deposits & Payment, Bookings, Cancellations, Returns.


By Placing this order, you are accepting our T&Cs. Full /T&Cs are available upon request. Customers must always refer to the most recent issue of the local Product Data Sheet for the product concerned copies of which will be supplied on request.

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